A few useful forms.
If you are submitting a claim for compensation to the VA for the first time, use this form.
If you want to submit a statement in support of your claim, or you want to file a Notice of Disagreement if you have been denied, use this form.
After you file your Notice of Disagreement, and after the VA sends you its Statement of the Case ("SOC"), then you have to file a Form 9 in order to perfect your appeal to the Board of Veterans' Appeals.
Brown & Curry, LLC

Dan Curry's law firm located in the VFW National Headquarters in Kansas City is a full-service public interest law firm.  We represent veterans and their families in personal injury cases, employment discrimination charges, social security claims and workers compensation claims. In addition to our work with veterans, we represent families who have been victimized by sexual abuse. We have obtained large settlements and judgments on behalf of sex abuse victims.

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