Another Hepatitis C Victory for a Navy veteran suffering from Parkinson's symptoms.

The VA fights awarding compensation for Hepatitis tooth and nail. That's why its always notable when another veteran gets benefits.

We helped a Kansas City, Mo., area Navy veteran obtain benefits for Hepatitis C that he contracted during an emergency abdominal surgery a the Naval Medical Center in Philadelphia in 1980. They told him he had just been out in the sun too long.  Turned out he had infections all throughout his abdomen.  And then they gave him a transfusion using blood contaminated with the Hepatitis-C virus.

The unique aspect of this veteran's case was that recently he had developed Parkinson's-like symptoms. This veteran worked in IT as a government contractor.  The Parkinson's symptoms were about to force him to quit.

Fortunately, Dan Curry was able to uncover a medical link between this veteran's Hepatitis and the Parkinson's.  We obtained secondary-service connection for his Parkinson's symptoms based upon the Hepatitis claim.

This veteran found Dan Curry after his friend repaired his washing machine. If you or a veteran you know have had trouble with your Hepatitis claim, you can contact Dan Curry in Kansas City to see what claims you are eligible for at: 804- IM4-VETS.

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