Veterans Groups in Kansas and Missouri

Can Kansas and Missouri end the economic development border war?
Image: Chris Curry

Veterans in Kansas and Missouri should be aware of opportunities they have available to them in their respective states and know what kind of support they can receive.

In Missouri, you can visit the Veterans Commission for all kinds of helpful links and information. One interesting component is the Missouri Veterans History Project. Through this organization you can learn about military history and help preserve it by volunteering or sharing your own personal story.

In Kansas, you can find programs and services available to you here. The state site also has links to help you get back into the workforce.

Though sometimes it seems the Washington gets nothing accomplished and there is constant red tape, there are sources and organizations--government and private--that ably help veterans move forward and readjust to civilian life. While waiting on claims to go through the appeals process, it may be worth getting involved with one of these groups to help yourself or a comrade in arms.

If you are a part of a veterans organization or have heard about local veterans groups worth mentioning, leave a comment below to help spread the word.

Dan Curry, Esq. helping veterans with their appeals since 2009.

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