No Draft has Unforseen Consequences

The end of the draft in 1973 caused the nation to breathe a sigh of relief. However, the ending the draft had unprecedented side-effects.

With fewer citizens joining the military, there became fewer veterans to be elected into congress. Having fewer veterans as representatives means not as many congressmen understand the struggles of our troops returning home and trying to adapt to the civilian lifestyle. 

Across the state of Missouri veterans are feeling the detriments of such a lack in representation. In St Louis, one third of disabled veterans' claims are mismanaged. While in Kansas City the Star worriedly reports the lack of political strength representing our armed forces.

Hopefully, as the media draws more attention to this matter, and after this spring's scandal in V.A. hospitals, the nation's representatives--veterans or not--will find proper ways to care for our veterans re-acclimating to the civilian lifestyle and in need of specialized care.

Dan Curry 804-IM4-VETS

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