VA Medical Center in Kansas City

As light was shed on the VA's secret waiting list in Arizona, audits began nationwide and found that veterans in the Midwest has also been victimized by power-plays at the Veterans Affairs Administration. It was recently revealed to Kansas senators that Kansas, Missouri, and other Midwestern states had veterans waiting more than 90 days just to get medical evaluations. Neglected or delayed evaluations, as we learned with Arizona, can lead to unnecessary and untimely deaths of our brave veterans.

Dan Curry, long-time defender of veterans, has had clients who have been forced to wait outside the 90-day window for an evaluation. He knows what it means to fight to help veterans in Kansas City and the Midwest obtain the medical examinations necessary to find--and treat--all manner of health problems plaguing our nation's vets.

If you are a veteran who has been placed on a waiting list, simply need help getting through the appeals process for your veteran's claim, or know a veteran in need, contact Dan Curry for help at (804)IM4VETS

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