Senator Causes Veterans' Frustration and Disappoinment over Memorial Day Weekend.

Over Memorial Day Weekend veterans' rights and veterans' ability to access government aid were hot political topics.

One politician's comments caused quite a stir. Senator Richard M. Burr wrote an open letter regarding political plays of executive staff in the nation's VSOs with Washington members of the VA. Much debate has occurred since the letter was published on Friday.

                                                             Senator Richard M. Burr

As polarization is a likely outcome in response to Senator Burr's comments, veterans may be worried about the kind of care they will receive from their individual VSO, and what kind of backlog will continue or worsen as a result.

Veterans know how difficult the process already is, attempting to seek help from the VA. Veterans in the Midwest and Kansas City area know who to turn to for help pushing through the backlog. In America's Heartland, veterans look to Dan Curry to help them get through red-tape and receive the benefits to which they are entitled as quickly as possible. Any veteran in the region needing help after being denied can contact Dan to see what assistance he can offer.

Dan Curry can be contacted at (804)IM4VETS.

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