BUSTED: VA Employee takes bribes.

University of Washington Digital Collections. First shipment of gold, circa 1899.

Probably not too surprising.  A VA employee admitted to accepting $1.3 million in kickbacks from companies he awarded contracts to.  You can read about it here.

I have often heard how hard it is to win contracts sometimes from the VA. Even veteran-owned companies can have a tough time. This shouldn't be one of the challenges.

While we're on the topic of money: A question that always comes up early with my veterans, is Dan, how much does it cost to hire a lawyer to work on my benefits claim?

Lawyers are allowed to charge a reasonable amount, and many across the country will charge veterans 30-percent of their back pay, or more.

Personally, I charge only 20-percent.  And if your claim is headed to the Court of Appeals for Veterans' Claims, I don't charge anything at all -- I usually get Uncle Sam to foot the bill.

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