Testing in Okinawa Confirms the presence of Agent Orange component ingredients.

Hundreds of U.S. veterans have come forward with descriptions of Agent Orange being used, stored and transported in Okinawa.  Still, the VA denies claims based on Agent Orange exposure.

But this week the equation changed.  Local chemical testing of barrels marked Dow Chemical unearthed from a Okinawa soccer field has shown the presence of a chemical component of Agent Orange. This Stars and Stripes article and this Japan Times article provides the details.

If these tests bear out, it will contradict decades of U.S. insistence that no Agent Orange made its way to Okinawa.

For all of those Okinawa veterans who are struggling with cancer, or diabetes, or ischemic heart disease, this is important news.

I am helping two veterans, John Santiago and Ron Frazier, prove they were exposed on the island.  If anyone has witnessed any use of Agent Orange in Okinawa prior to 1979, please contact me at (804) IM4VETS.